You can find in our portfolio mainly pernambuco bows. Rarely we are able to produce also brasil bows. There are 4 levels of our bows: SCHOOL, STUDENT, STANDARD, SOLO PLAYERS. Due to the categorisation of the bows you can better decide what is the best bow for you.

The name of each category has been choosen in accordance of the purpose of using the bows.

SCHOOL type of bow: for pupils of musical schools, young children, beginners, event players. Pernambuco bow, rarely brasil bow of middle level quality, ebony frog, nickel silver.

STUDENT type of bow: older chidren and student who play for longer time and there is prediction for future intensive playing. Convenient for concert playing, solo playing. Made from pernambuco wood higher middle class. Ebony frog, nickel silver.

STANDARD type of bow: for those who need very good quality wood, for concert players, orchestra players, solo players. Is convenient for amateurs as well as for professional. Very high quality bow.

SOLO PLAYERS type of bow: for the most demanding players. The top quality materials, the highest density of wood (mm/sec.). Very often on demand of client special parts on the bow.

All of the bows are hand made. On demand of the client it is possible to adaptate the bow in its length, weight, balance etc. We produce round and octagonal bows. The material for frogs: ebony, horn, mammoth, snakewood. The instalation of various types of eyes is possible.

Communication and cooperation with the client is what we believe in and is very important for making perfect bows in accordance with client’s needs and wishes. The prices of bows are only for guidance.